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2024 NLA Scientific Sessions Abstracts

Click on the posters to see an enlarged version, or scan the QR Codes with your phone to have a touch-free experience. 

Cardiovascular Outcomes Unveiled: Bempedoic Acid in Hyperlipidemia—A Comprehensive Updated Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of RCTs

Presenting Author: Lanson Colaco, MBBS
Authors: Colaco, L.B., Ali S., Asghar MS., Brands CK., Shimshak TM

Poster 219


Kiosk 24

Xanthelasma Associated with Defective Reverse Cholesterol Transport, Resolution with Rosuvastatin/Ezetimibe: A Case Report

Presenting Author: Michael Doyle, MD


Poster 194


Kiosk 24

Impact of familial hypercholesterolemia on Coronary Artery Dissection in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI)

Presenting Author: Riaz Mahmood, DO


Poster 235


Kiosk 24

Elevated levels of Lp(a) are associated with circulating levels of PCSK9 and coronary atherosclerosis as detected by cardiac computed tomography angiography

Presenting Author: Szilard Voros, MD
Authors: Bradley Brown, David Watson, Wess Boatwright, Thomas Dayspring, Michael Barnes


Poster 150


Kiosk 24

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