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2024 NLA Scientific Sessions Abstracts

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Lomitapide in pediatric patients with homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia – Analysis of secondary and safety endpoints from the APH-19 study

Presenting Author: Luis Masana, MD
Authors: Luis Masana, Alberto Zambon, Claus Peter Schmitt, Christina Taylan, Joenna Driemeyer, Hofit Cohen, Paola Sabrina Buonuomo, Abdullah Alashwal, Mohammed Al-Dubayee, José Luis Diaz-Diaz, Faouzi Maatouk, Sergio Martinez-Hervas, Brian Mangal, Naji Kholaif, Sandra Löwe


Poster 147


Kiosk 21

The Advancing Cardiac Care Unit-based Rapid Assessment and Treatment of hypErcholesterolemia (ACCURATE) Study – Phase 1 Results

Presenting Author: Matthew Cooper, MD

Authors: Matthew Cooper, Iulia Iatan, Thomas M. Roston, Nicol Vaizman, Lubomira Cermakova, Kyle Hui, G.B. John Mancini, Christopher B. Fordyce, Liam R. Brunham


Poster 161


Kiosk 21

Patients perceive a considerable treatment burden in the first year after a myocardial infarction: Results from an online US patient survey

Presenting Author: M. Cecilia Bahit, MD
Authors: M. Cecilia Bahit, Serge Korjian, Gerald Chi, Yazan Daaboul, Ginger Jiang, Deepak L. Bhatt, Roxana Mehran, Paul Nara, C. Michael GibsonD

1717078203096-c595d339-a7bd-4d4a-b25f-c082cbe8104924-Abstract 114-Pt Perspectives Treatmen

Poster 114


Kiosk 21

Discrepancies in Prescribing Practices for SGLT2 Inhibitors Between Sexes

Presenting Author: Rahul Rege, MD
Authors: Christian Leung, Spencer Weintraub, Benjamin Hirsh


Poster 230


Kiosk 21

Comparative Assessment of hsCRP and Apolipoprotein B as ASCVD Risk Biomarkers

Presenting Author: Saheed Amusat


Poster 115


Kiosk 21

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