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2024 NLA Scientific Sessions Abstracts

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Trends in age-adjusted cardiovascular mortality rates with hyperlipidemia among the United States population, from 1999–2023: A CDC Wonder Database Study.

Presenting Author: Muhammad Sohaib Asghar, MBBS
Authors: Muhammad Sohaib Asghar, Abuoma Ekpendu, Lanson Colaco, Chad K Brands.


Poster 209


Kiosk 12

Development of the Family Heart Foundation™ Flag, Identify, Network, Deliver—Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FIND-FH™) Implementation Toolkit

Presenting Author: George Blike, MD
Authors: George Blike MD, Lori Key RN MBA, Funke Oladele MBA, Mary McGowan MD, Diane MacDougall MS, Amit Khera MD, Scott Merryman MD, Danny Eapen MD, Kerrilynn Hennessey MD, Deepak Vedamurthy MD, Allison Hawke BA, Brian Mittman PhD, Katherine Wilemon BS


Poster 220


Kiosk 12

Assessment of unmet clinical needs and healthcare resource use among statin-treated patients with or at risk of developing ASCVD

Presenting Author: Andrew Hsieh, PharmD
Authors: Andrew Hsieh, Bob Rambo, Brian Leinwand, Ahan Ali, Dushyant Katariya, Robert Shepherd, Nancy Ortiz


Poster 139


Kiosk 12

Detailed Family History of Premature Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease to Guide Lipoprotein(a) Testing: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis

Presenting Author: Alexander Razavi, MD
Authors: Alexander C. Razavi, Harpreet S. Bhatia, Zeina A. Dardari, Anurag Mehta, Khurram Nasir, Ron Blankstein, Ijeoma Isiadinso, Arshed A. Quyyumi, Viola Vaccarino, Jonathan A. Fialkow, Matthew J. Budoff, Roger S. Blumenthal, Seamus P. Whelton, Martin Bødtker Mortensen, Laurence S. Sperling, Kunihiro Matsushita, Michael J. Blaha, Omar Dzaye


Poster 121


Kiosk 12

ASCVD risk stratification in a large urban clinic – role of CACS in reclassifying Black versus White individuals seen for preventive care.

Presenting Author: Muhammad Umer, MD
Authors: Sindhu Kishore, M.D., Leonid Khokhlov, M.D., Gehna Kishore, M.D., Godbless Ajenaghughrure, M.D., Kamal Shemisa, M.D.


Poster 199


Kiosk 12

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