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2024 NLA Scientific Sessions Abstracts

Click on the posters to see an enlarged version, or scan the QR Codes with your phone to have a touch-free experience. 

Racial Inequities in Coronary Artery Calcium Screening and Follow-up

Presenting Author: Afolasayo Aromiwura, MD
Authors: Muhammad Umer MD, Ibtihaj Fughhi MD, Thomas Beyerle MD, Zachary Hagemeyer MD, Hardeep Dholiya MD, Shivam Gulati MD, Wilfred Furtado MD, Dinesh Kalra MD

Poster 201


Kiosk 10

Protein Calorie Malnutrition Effect on Clinical Outcomes And Resource Utilization in Patients Admitted With Acute Pancreatitis And Dyslipidemia

Presenting Author: Vassel Bitar, MD
Authors: Hijazi, Mohamad, MD, Albuni, Mhd Kutaiba, MD, Bitar, Bassel, MD, Eshghabadi, Amin, MD, Khan, Fayaz, MD, Ajenaghughrure, Godbless, MD, Shemisa, Kamal, MD


Poster 216


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